Hello, we're innocent…and we're here to make it easy for people to do themselves some good (whilst making it taste nice too). Since 1999 we sell 100% natural never-from-concentrate juices, smoothies and coconut water. We donate 10% of profits to charity, mainly to the innocent foundation, which supports charities working all over the world so they can help the world’s hungry. In addition, we also support local charities in Belgium with our Green Friends and Big Knit campaign. Finally, we are extremely proud that we’re a proper, certified Bcorp since 2018. We'll continue doing business in the right way, and lead the way for others to follow, just as we’ve always done. We want to use business as a force for good, not greed. As a business, we need to make money, but we don't want to do it at the expense of others, or at the expense of this fine planet of ours.