Starting in July 2022, we are proud to have launched Hero Cassis in the Belgian market. P&B and Hero have had a partnership for years in Baby Food, and we are happy to say we are now adding to that with Soft Drinks.

Hero Cassis is a historic Dutch brand, with a local heritage spanning over 8 decades. It is made from black berries from Zeeland, with its fertile clay soil. After the harvest, they are destemmed, bruised and squeezed. Afterwards, part of the berries is subject to a natural fermentation process in which hidden scent and flavour components are released. This is where Hero ‘The Original Cassis’ gets its full, rounded taste.

Hero Cassis have been an ever present brand in the Netherlands, with impressive growth numbers year on year and immense 98% brand awareness. That is why we think the time is right to introduce this great brand and products to the Belgian market.

Hero Cassis consists of both ‘the original Cassis’ taste and Cassis zero, these are available in 0.2L cans (single or 4pack) and 0.5L and 1.25L bottles. Aside from the proven success, P&B is happy to see the efforts made by Hero Cassis when it comes to waste reduction. To reduce our carbon footprint, they are targeting 100% rPET bottles by 2024. These efforts makes us even more proud to add Hero Cassis to our portfolio

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