Organix ready to conquer the market.


Since September 2021, consumers can discover the new products of Organix in the Baby aisle. Organix is brand originally from the UK that has been a part of the Hero Group for a few years now. They are well known for their innovative snacks.

Over the last few years, it became clear within the baby weaning category that organic products gain importance. With about 33% of the category value, this is by far the biggest organic share of any category in FMCG. Within the cooperation between P&B and Hero Benelux, the strategic choice was therefore made to replace the existing range of Hero Baby by Organix, a 100% organic product range.

The most important elements for success of Hero Baby were maintained, fruit cups and snacks, and were complemented with new references in snacking and a broad range of fruit pouches. After the first phase of transition in September, the second will take place early 2022, when the jars in meals and fruit will switch to Organix, with a number of new recipes. The same focus will apply here, no unnecessary additives and 100% organic.

Next to the familiar concepts, Organix will expand right from the start in September with the new KiDS range, products made for children aged 3 to 6 years. These innovative and strategic products will help both Organix and the retail to bring back growth to a category that has been steadily declining over the past few years by enlarging its consumer base. Organix will no longer exist only for the smallest of children, but also for their older brothers and sisters with fruity bars and pouches.

The choice for Organix is a clear choice for the future by P&B and Hero Benelux. The ever increasing trend of organic products in baby weaning was co-founded by Hero Baby and will increase even more over the coming years with Organix, following an expansive plan of innovations in snacks, meals and fruit.