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Collaboration Lunch Garden.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Lunch Garden. Lunch Garden has strengthened its Belgian identity by establishing a sustainable partnership with ten local suppliers, like Duvel, Lotus, Devos Lemmens, Belcampi and many more. With this partnership, Lunch Garden goes a step further in choosing quality, expertise and innovation from Belgian partners. With Belcampi pasta, we are the perfect fit for them and we’re able to provide them the right pasta quality from Belgian origin.

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New packaging and appearance for Koko

The new Koko packaging will be on the shelves this autumn. Koko is the number 1 brand in Europe to offer a coconut-based dairy alternative with a taste that is almost indistinguishable from milk. Unlike the other plant-based products on the shelf, Koko offers a full range with coconut as the hero ingredient and a taste, texture and appearance that are almost indistinguishable from dairy. From this autumn, the products can be recognized by their colorful and cheerful packaging, which is more in line with the renewed brand positioning and the product.

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Organix ready to conquer the market.

Since September 2021, consumers can discover the new products of Organix in the Baby aisle. Organix is brand originally from the UK that has been a part of the Hero Group for a few years now. They are well known for their innovative snacks.

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Benecol on TV!

To start 2022 in a healthy way, the Benecol television spot can be seen again on Flemish television. During 3 weeks in January, the spot will be broadcasted regularly on VTM, VTM2, VTM3, VTM4, Discovery and TLC. In the spot you can see the Benecol range with yogurt drinks, margarines and the new yogurts. Watch the spot here:

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