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Our industry department has it’s origin more than 50 years ago, founded by Ronald Vandeputte. Since 2015 it’s part of the Heylen Group and merged with PAB in 2020. As experts in tomato products, pasta and oils, we are for example a partner for producers of prepared meals, soups and sauces. Thanks to our expertise and scale, we assure our partners of the best quality that fits with the demand at the best price.


P&B is one of the major distributors on the Benelux retail market present in ambiant, chilled & non-food. Thanks to its long expertise and know-how of the retail market in Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands, P&B is the ideal partner to grow your brand or product in any retail category.

Food Service

What is the best way to inspire your consumer? And what if your consumer is a celebrated chef? With our excellent product range, we also deliver the broad foodservice channel. Whether you are looking for a quick snack in your hotel, a light lunch in your company restaurant or an exquisite dinner in a fancy restaurant, it will be very likely that you will enjoy some of our products. (foto van Tabasco in restaurant,...)